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(no subject)
The hobo soup, by the way, was delicious! Fresh cabbage and potatos were added and it was absolutely yummy! Topped off with lemonade or iced tea and a chocolate cupcake!

Today, a driveway sale was held and people biked, walked and drove from far and wide to look at and possibly buy other peoples' junk...oops! I mean lovely things. I did actually buy a set of 8 small floral trays that I'm sure I'll find some use for......

It's really windy and cool here today; going to get cold again for a day or two. It was a good afternoon to spend inside reading once the sale was over. We also rode down to look at the eaglets again. They are getting big!

Some pics of the 20+ flock of White Ibis that are always around......P2081049
Ken and friends
Don't get in my way!
More customers
When foods' at stake, look out!

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hoppy birthday !! Auntie Nancy


Thank you, Emy-Rose! I will actually be performing in the variety show here on my birthday. I will be singing with the chorus!

Thanks to Finley, also. (I see he's learned how to type on the 'puter).

HOPPY BIRTHDAY !! Auntie Nancy


joyeux anniversaire, Nancy .
Thierry et Maud

Nice terrapins. What sort are they?

I think they are what are called Cooters, or maybe Sliders. I'm not very up on my turtles. The only one I really know the name of for sure is the Soft-Nosed Turtle, and to tell the truth, now that I've typed that, I'm not really sure that's it's name. :-P

OK, I looked them up; they are FL Peninsula Cooters. If I ever get a pic of a SOFTSHELL turtle, I'll post it, but they don't come to the surface that often, so they're hard to capture on camera.

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