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Christmas 2012
Rain! In the dry season! Rain!
We started Tai Chi outside this morning, with just a few gentle sprinkles. The gentle sprinkles accelerated into a nice wetting rain, so we all ran/biked/drove down to the clubhouse where only 4 of us (including the instructor) finished out the session.

Knowing it was going to rain, I had previously walked our 2 cans of soup up to the lady who is going to make Hobo Soup for all of us lives. (More about that Sat).

The rain stopped when it was time for Ken and I to leave to meet my cousin's son for lunch in Fort Myers Beach. It stayed stopped while we ate at a nice upstairs restaurant overlooking the ocean. There were dark banks of clouds all around however. After a tour of the area in our car, we all went to Love Boat ice cream store on Lovers Key for homemade ice cream. I had Cinnamon Caramel Pecan! Yum! We watched another rainstorm while we ate our dessert.
Then we rode back to where my cousin's car was. By now, it was raining again. After dropping my cousin off, we rode back to Raintree in torrential rain, which hasn't stopped since. Tonight is the Valentine's Day dance in the clubhouse, but we weren't going anyway, so we are just settled in with books and the newspaper.

Today's pics are just some incidental ones taken around the resort area. The last one, however, is one my cousin gave me today of my Mom, Dad, brother Bill and, yes, that's ME taken around 1953, at my Aunt Carrie's house in Patchogue, L.I.

Just a few artsy photos.....P2041037
It looked like a huge feather in the sky
Palm trees make interesting shadows!
Taken with an unsteady hand, but I rather like the effect. Looks like a bunch of candy canes.
The lights around the lake

Okay, now, I don't want to hear any loud laughing! Here we are, circa 1953!P2141106
I don't remember having so much hair! Or my father looking that thin! But that face is the same one my Grandfather, father, brother, nephew and grandnephew have, right down to the receding hairline. (Well, not on my grandnephew, not yet). My Mom has all black hair and, notice, ladies did not wear slacks in those days. My brother was rangy and thin in those days and he's still rangy and thin!
As for my outfit, well, it was not one of my better sartorial days. :-D