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Christmas 2012
Today, another gorgeous, if windy, day here.
Yesterday, we visited friends we know from Montauk, who have a condo not far from here. It's right on a wide canal between their complex and a complex across the water. The water leads into the Caloosahatchie River. Lovely inside; they bought it from her mother and refurbished it 3 years ago. Had a scrumptious lunch and a fine visit.

Played Hand and Foot for 3 hours again last night, with 5 others on the team. There were about 26 people playing in all. For anyone who knows the game, on the last hand, our team of 3 did not get to lay down even one! card before the other team went out; leaving us stuck with all the points in our 3 respective hands and foots! That has never happened to me before! Total annihilation! Ken was over in the little clubhouse, playing poker.

Today, I did Tai Chi again out in the sunlight and the beautifull breezes. Then, chorus at 2; but we had to stop singing because the craft club said they couldn't concentrate with our voices ringing out! There are only 3 more rehearsals before the 2 shows and we need the practice!
Tonight, Ken will play poker and I will read; I've read about 6 of the resorts library books since we've been here.

Here are a number of pics taken when we went to the outdoor art fest in downtown Ft. Myers.....P2031003
A lovely cello
an unusual teapot
a dragon made of folded paper!
my little paper snake profile friend!
I love all the signposts pointing the way all kinds of fun

a recycled bird!
I loved this one; reminds me of one of Andy's works
Looks like one of the Blue Meanies, except he's grey
The reflections of the people sort of get in the way, but the pic was just a photo of a spider and his shadow on the grass.
What a cheery little tea set this was!
All of the above art was done by people under 20 years of age!
This big piggy was by a booth where children could decorate china pigs of their own.
The fountain in the middle of the park. Food was prepared and I had the best wood fire cooked pizza!
I bought this print; the artist had many different 'brelly pics in many shades, all of them lovely. This blue one was my favorite (other than the one which cost $500). It reminds me of "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg". Anybody else ever see that movie? Dubbed in English, entirely sung, in French. Late 50's/early 60's?

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Daddy saw the movie when he was a child, but he did not really remember the story. Cherbourg is about 140km from our burrow.
on the picture of the spider we can see the reflection of Buncle Ken .

Emy-Rose & Finley

I saw the movie when I was in my teens. Star-crossed lovers; she has his child; he never knows. Years later, they run into each other; both are married to others; both have a child, boy and girl, named (I'm drawing a blank here; it's a name that serves for a girl or a boy). It impressed itself upon me because all the dialogue was sung. Also, quite beautiful photography.

That was, indeed, Buncle Ken looking at the spider's picture with me! Good call, Emy-Rose and Finley!

I Love hearing about yours and Kens adventures. And all the great pics!



I aim to please and I'm glad that I do. :-D

Love the dragon and snake!

They were spectacular! All the intricate folding and patience and time they took to create!

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