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(no subject)
The chili cookoff was very interesting. Dozens of booths from all over FL and from GA with dozens of variations on your basic chili. Had a chili dog, some beer and bought a chili pepper necklace. There were tailgate parties for blocks around and people gathered on balconies to watch. It felt like Mardi Gras. People were walking around in chili pepper hats and one man was dressed as a huge red pepper. It was the 28th annual cookoff in St. George's and a really big event. If you're reading this, you will see that I have managed to upload my userpic. Yaaaaaaay! All it took was much gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair as I tried to figure it out. Now, maybe I can figure out how to attach some of my pics to my posts! Stay tuned! (=^-^=)

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Nice to put a face to a name, at last!! :o)

Even with good instructions from Andy, i am so technologically challanged! I hope to now learn how to post photos to my journal

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