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(no subject)
Christmas 2012
Yesterday was a bit of a slow day. There was no Tai Chi because of the Trash and Treasures sale Raintree (and every other resort) was having in the clubhouse. There was enough furniture and furnishings there to outfit an entire house, right down to the blinds, curtains and a stove. People drive in by the dozens to see what's for sale. Raintree cooks burgers and hotdogs with all the fixings and makes extra money from those sales. The money buys improvements for Raintree and some is given to charity. I bought a cutting board, a small vase and some seasonal pins (Valentines Day, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Since I bought during the last 1/2 hour, everything was half price. I paid $3.25 for my stuff. Oh, I also bought a light blazer for $1!

Later, Ken and I played 3 games of shuffleboard (yes, shuffleboard). He won 2 games and we tied for the 3rd.
Today, we're going out with my one-time boss and her boyfriend and his sister to see "Man of La Mancha" at a local playhouse; then we'll have dinner. I had to read MOLM in Spanish in high school. Don Quixote! Sancho Panza! The Impossible Dream! Should be fun.

Some more Eagle pics; I'm enjoying watching them growing thanks to the webcam in the nest...
There's one little guy!
Love the little beak!
Birdie butt!
It was hard to get both Eaglets in the pics
Mostly the parent Eagle was in the way of the second eaglet