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Christmas 2012
There is so much to do here! Last night, I went over to the game room in the clubhouse and joined in a game of Hand and Foot (a card game) with 4 other people. We played for 3 hours, until the lights were being turned out. There were 4 other groups also playing, plus people playing dominos and a card game called euchre. Ken was over at the little clubhouse, playing poker.

Today, did the line dancing again, the advanced class, which allows me to look really with it (not). But it's so much fun and good exercise. Then, since those of us who are practicing in the chorus for the end of month show can no longer join in the Scrabble tournaments on Tuesdays, 3 of us met at one of the ladies' houses and played for 3 hours. Ken was out fishing on a boat.

Tomorrow is the Trash and Treasures sale in the clubhouse; people were trucking things in all afternoon. We're talking furniture and large things now. I'll go and look, but unless I see something really special (and really small) I won't be buying. There will be a  bbq lunch for sale; it's one of the ways this resort makes extra money for improvements.

Now that it's gotten warmer, we're no longer using the space heater at night and I can leave some of the windows open. The sound of the pool motor lulls me to sleep.

I want to ride down to the eagle's nest again and  get some more pics. I see from the webcam site that the eaglets are really growing.
It's been in the 80's here, but there is usually a nice breeze off the pond. Makes it very comfy to sit outside.

Here's more of the pics which I'm glad everybody seems to like.....

Just a little bunny joke from the comic pages
This palmetto tree comes draped in ferns
I couldn't resist the view of the full moon from our window
Mr. (or Mrs., who can tell)? Osprey. They haven't been around lately.
The Little Blue on a windy day
Our resident Muscovy duck; no one likes him because he poops on their patios.
Still, I think he's rather interesting.....
He has a pattern on his head I've never seen before.
and some very dangerous looking clawed feet, I assume for hooking fish with.

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love your pics and updates on what yall are up too.

Hugs, Deborah

Hugs to you too! I'm glad you're enjoying my little posts. What's happening with you these days? How are your eyes? I always love the pics you put on, also. Especially the baby animal ones! :-D

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