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Christmas 2012
We had a nice day today; went to the flea market in the old drive-in theatre again. I bought a nice octagonal smokey blue bottle and some strawberries (we are very near the strawberry fields here) and Ken bought some wrap-around sunglasses for wearing in the pool and some bananas.

Then we did the laundry (can never get away from the laundry) and called up my second cousin who lives near here and made a date to see him for lunch next Wed.

At night, there was a spaghetti and meatball dinner (with dessert!) in the clubhouse, followed by karaoke. The singers were really good!

It's warmer nights here now; we didn't run the heater last night and left some windows open. At home, a foot of snow is expected! Glad I don't have to shovel it, though I wouldn't mind seeing it.

Here's some more Raintree pics.....P1230804
Smudge, the Raintree cat, who has his own elevated condo here.
Condo, complete with toys, food and water dishes and his name over his bed.
Mickey showed up for a Disney-themed dance
The Ibis love to sit on top of the Norfolk pines also.
This pony, along with a few larger horses, shares the field where the eagles have their nest.
the horses!
the people in the background are watching the Eagle
This band welcomed us to the r.v. show, where we looked at many units and 2 in particular which cost $413.000 and $582,000 respectively! (We bought one of each).
This wiggly green fellow welcomed us into the hall of small things to buy.

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I'm really looking forward to seeing pictures of Ken wearing his wrap around sunglasses in the bananas!

English is such a precise language, isn't it? (I'll see if I can get him to pose with the fruit).

That would be quite a sight!

I admit, my phraseology could have been more accurate. I assure you, the bananas only go on his corn flakes.

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