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Christmas 2012
Did I tell you that Ken and I went to the Seminole Casino in Immokale the other day? I turned my $20 into $36 and we had a delicious lunch in their restaurant. The Seminole tribe is the only tribe that never made a treaty with the U.S. Wise tribe! Now they make a decent living for their people with the casino money.

I forgot to mention my adventure in trying to get the local paper delivered to us as we had done last year! I called, placed an order; no paper was forthcoming. I called twice more and the person I spoke to told me, first, that I owed money from several weeks before we came here! Then, after a few more calls when I was told that the account was inactive and they didn't know why, I said "forget it" and we bought the paper in a machine. Last week, a woman called from the paper and said that she had come across my account and that instead of ordering me 4 weeks of delivery at a cost of $23. someone had put me in for 400 weeks at a cost of $2125 dollars !!!which had been charged to my credit card. She didn't know how that happened and she said she had called the credit card company to rescind the charge! After I told her that she should seriously re-think her hiring policy, I called the card company. They said they would put a hold on the charge so I wouldn't have late charges when I didn't pay it. Then they would send a form from San Antonio, TX to our home in N.Y. Andy would send the form to FL and I would send it back to TX so the charge would be deleted.

I called the card company today and found that all but $125 dollars had been removed. I called the paper to find out why I was still being charged for no services received or rendered; the 3 people I spoke to said they didn't know but they would find out for me and call me back. I'm still waiting! I know it will be resolved, but how stupid must someone be to punch in an amount like that and not notice what they were doing? I've heard that the quality of education in FL is somewhat lacking and I guess that's true! Stay tuned!

In the meantime, here are some of my pics of Raintree, the great resort we're in now.........P1210795
The view from our kitchen window
the view from the front window
Us, from across the lake
the Osprey sits in a Norfolk pine across the lake
He's such a great bird! These are actually a pair that sit in the 2 Norfolk pines on either side of the pond. They dive for the fish. Tried to get them in their dive, but I haven't been successful yet.

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Hang in there Kitty! Enjoying your pics very much!

Thanks! Still tussling with the local paper; they have NO IDEA why all of my money wasn't refunded. I will give them till the end of the week, then we're making a trip downtown to the paper's offices. >:-I

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