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Christmas 2012
Saw a movie last night in the clubhouse; "Hope Springs". Movie, popcorn and a  soda, all for $2.00! Can't beat it!

Today, I exercised in the Tai Chi class, then Ken and I drove to a local flea market where I bought a large purple glass bottle for $3. The color is really lovely; I'll put flowers in it and sit it in the sunlight when we're home again.

After lunch, Ken and I joined in a Bocci game with 4 other people. Towards the end of the game, Ken went to play poker and I bowled for both of us. I won!

Tonight, I plan on just relaxing with a glass of semi-dry blueberry wine, some microwave popcorn and the current good book I'm reading, "The Devil's Punchbowl" by Gregory Isles. It's a tough life!

Some more pics to enjoy......

In Myakka, the old ranch road walk

the view down the ranch road
a wild coffee plant
one of my gorgeous Spoonbills again, in Myakka Lake
How much more beauty can we want from the natural world?
We had some absolutely gorgeous skies here
the Myakka RIver at sunset

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You have a very artistic family. You photograph things that most people would not look twice at but your pictures are beautiful. And Andy's art is something else!

Thank you! I think most things have beauty in them. And I love the differentness and unique view of Andy's art also!

I am so pleased that so many people like them!

Dad say that he love your pictures ( 2 ,5,7),this is lovely pictures .


Thanks to him! I'm so glad that he's enjoying them! :-D

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