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Christmas 2012

Today is another sunny but very windy day here; so windy that we rolled up our awning to keep it from flapping crazily. We lost two awnings to the wind over the years, so we try to be careful. The wind is bringing the spray from the pond fountain right across our patio.

Took several walks around the resort today in preparation for the ice cream social calories waiting for us tonight! Then we will do some serious betting (25 cents a race) on the wooden horses to be used tonight at the "Night at the Races" afterwards.

Ken drove me to see a movie this afternoon, Maggie Smith in "Quartet" , a marvelous movie! M.S. can do no wrong! Now if I could only find and download "From Time to Time"!

It's mid-80's now, but tomorrow is supposed to bring temps in the 70's, which is perfect as far as I'm concerned.

Here's some more birds of Myakka.....

Ignore that pic..... I forgot to size it and I can't seem to get rid of it.....

This is what it was supposed to come up as; it's a Willet, I believe


A Black Vulture drying his wings by the Myakka River


the Little Blue Heron


I love the way you can see both of his eyes in this pic


the Stilt; only the 2nd time I've seen one.


Roseate Spoonbills taking flight. Gorgeous!


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That little blue heron looks stunning!

I know; they are a perfect slate blue, with those lighter rings around their eyes. One strange thing about the egrets and herons; they look so lovely but they all have harsh creaky cries!

True. They are not one of natures song birds!

put a fiver on Dobbin's nose for me. Stick horse races. I love the sound of that

Hugs, Hare

It's a lot of fun! First we have the ice cream social: 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate/caramel sauce, strawberries/pineapple, crushed nuts and topped with a cherry and cool whip. Goodbye, waistline! Then we bet as many quarters as we want to on the horse (numbered 1 thru 6, each of them a different color), then the color-corresponding 6 dice are thrown and the appropriate horses moved the appropriate spaces on the board. When one horse makes 20 spaces first, he's the winner! Last year I broke even, this year I lost $3. Surprising how much fun it can be!

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