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Christmas 2012
Today was another lovely day, weather-wise. (It rarely rains here this time of the year; FL is always in a drought). I exercised in a line dancing class, then Ken and I walked to a local cafe for a BLT lunch. I walked all around the resort for more exercise, as there's an ice cream social night coming up on Wed. Ken swam in the pool; I read; Ken's playing poker right now and I'm online! Going to download a Maggie Smith movie onto my Nook later!

More Myakka pics.......

A flock (or whatever they're called) of Black Vultures alongside the roadway.
Not the most attractive bird, but he's Nature's garbage man; taking care of all the dead things that accumulate. In fact, since there are about 15,000 wild pigs in the park which do untold damage, pigs will be killed and the carcasses set out for the vultures.
Ball Moss can grow on anything; this is one of the concrete pylons for the electric wires.
Kyackers on the Myakka River. The water was so low, they said they had to walk a lot of the way.
A White Pelican on the wing
Little Egret; his yellow feet are hidden by the water
A Yellow-Rumped Warbler
Lovely Cardinal outside our r.v. window
Ken on the Canopy Bridge; it sways back and forth as you walk on it; no more than 4 people at a time.
The boat which takes people around Myakka Lake, to see the gators and birds closer up

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We are having a really nice time here; so much to do. Eventually I'll work my way thru my pics and post some from here! :-D

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