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(no subject)

Today was our first travel day since April 16th! We've never stayed so long in one place as we stayed in Las Vegas. I almost hated to leave. But, we went on our way to Utah (passing through Virgin River Gorge in Arizona) and ending up in Cedar City, Utah. We are visiting my brother and his wife, who are visiting here from Washington State. We hope to do some sight-seeing together, but it will depend on the weather. There is supposed to be a storm front coming through tonight and tomorrow; high winds, colder temps and maybe *gasp* snow! We left 90 degrees in Vegas and it is 60 here. Here's my pics of today.Virgin River Gorge, AZon Utah roadsCedar City, Utahmy brother and his wife

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Mummy says she likes the look of those empty roads and asks where all the traffic jams are...?

I think your brother and Mr Andy look alike!

Niece Maddie XXXX

Only in as much as we both have beards...

Yeah, I don't think you and Uncle B would be mistaken for each other. But they are looking good. They send their love. I hope you have some ideas for me about my camera probs. (See your journal comments).

No traffic jams out here, at least at this time of the year. This is the wide-open West! And, nooooo, I have to say that I don't think Mr. Andy could pass for my brother.(Much shorter hair on my bro's part, and a bit grayer beard).

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