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(no subject)
Christmas 2012
This is the perfect travel plant; a Resurrection Fern. They grow on Live Oaks. When there's no rain, they shrivel up. When it rains, even after decades, they green up again. Not the lovliest, but very care-free and transportable!

As I say, not the loveliest, but it's a plant!

Had the bazaar here today in Raintree. Lots of crafts and some baked goods. (Yum)! I bought an anklet; first one I've had since my early 20's and the first one I bought for myself. (Boyfriends always bought those). I also bought a small cloth bag for my credit cards and then I walked down to the next resort (about a mile) and bought a Santa for 25 cents. After buying the bbq lunch that Raintree cooked in the communal circle, I bought some small poppyseed muffins for later. (Got to do a lot more walking).

Here's some more of my Myakka pics......

The Great White Egret
the musical little Catbird

the Anhinga drying his wings in the sun

The window in the door of the Myakka Visitors' Center

One of the cooking shelters in the park
the rock which holds the plaque commemorating the family who donated thousands of acres to the park
the Palmer family used to own a huge part of Sarasota
Osprey flying over Myakka Lake
One of the many Killdeer on the grassy areas of Myakka
The Tricolor Heron fishing in Myakka Lake