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(no subject)
Christmas 2012
I'm skipping ahead a little bit with my pictures continuity; I want freddie_lop to see the Eagle and one of his/her babies. P1240832
The Eagles' nest is right off a main road, in an open field, in a perfectly-in-sight pine tree. He's protected by a fence all around the privately owned field and signs warning of prosecution if anyone crosses the fence line. P1240834
They are such regal looking birds.
He/she seemed to be posing, but was actually keeping a sharp lookout for anything coming near its' nest.
There's one of the little fellows! I hope to see them develop more during the next month!

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It feels like a long time since I last saw a blue sky like that!

Keep enjoying your travels.

Thanks! There's a lot of blue sky here mainly because it never rains; they're in a perpetual drought.

Aren't they gorgeous? Have you tried the webcam again? I read in the newspaper that people are logging onto it in many countries. Hope you can access it!

Just back from the parents this evening - the video did not work on their slow pc, but fine on mine. Very good. Thank-you.

Wonderful! I'm glad you can enjoy it. We drive down to see them live every day or so.

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