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Christmas 2012
We are just enjoying Raintree! Took a Tai Chi class yesterday; felt great to stretch and move flowingly again! We walk all around the resort, which is pretty large. Well over 250 sites, permanent and non. Paved roads, concrete pads, all the amenities. Played Scrabble in the Clubhouse yesterday also. Went to the flea market down the road today and bought a few small things. It's fun to look at other people's junk! Lots of books and lots of tools. Fresh produce also. Going back on Sat. for some onions and corn on the cob. Tomorrow, we're going to an r.v. show with the couple next door to us. Just looking; no buying! It's fascinating to go inside of the really big ones and see what they have!

Here's more of my Myakka pics.......

the Blue-Grey Gnatcatcher

These post people are gaining in popularity down here. This was in front of a Karate school.
the Great White Egret; notice the emerald around the eye; it's breeding plumage

There were a lot of Spoonbills there, maybe because the weather was warmer than usual.
A Glossy Ibis; they are not as much in evidence as they used to be; don't know why.
Couple of more Spoonbills; one of my favorite birds!
the Great Blue Heron; so thin!
the White Pelicans were starting to arrive also
a female Red-Wing Blackbird; I wish the males had been around.

It's lovely in the day; a lot of sun today; but cool at night. And last night, someone who shall remain nameless, but who sleeps in a sweatshirt, under two thermal blankets and a quilt, got up and turned the heater off because he was too hot; whereupon the temp inside dropped to 62  degrees and I woke up because it was cold!  :-P

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Glossy ibis seem to be turning up more frequently over here these days, and great white egret too for that matter.

We have no shortage of Great Whites down here; years ago there were more Glossies to be seen. I wonder what caused the change? Is England getting warmer and more conducive to the G.I.?

Probably a mixture of climate change and historical persecution. A lot of wetland creation has gone on, making better nature reserves. Egrets were killed for their plumes, though that was a very long time ago. Little agrets started breeding in the UK 25 or so years ago, having been very rare in the UK prior to that and are still expanding. Great white egret and cattle egret have started nesting in last few years and purple heron nested for the first time 2 years ago, but did not last year. Other species are being seen more frequently. Crances also have come back.

Sorry, that should be cranes!

Lovely; we share a lot of the same birds!

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