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Christmas 2012
this is a trumpet vine which grows wild in some areasP1140374
Saw this cute little Burro in a gas station.

We are in Raintree R.V. Resort, where we will spend 5 weeks! 5weeks of t.v. reception, laptop reception, Nook reception plus scads of activities and places to go and see! Now this is camping!

We left Myakka in the rain today and drove thru 2 heavy storms, but when we got here, it hadn't rained at all. Our site is right next to the clubhouse and the heated pool!

After we were all set up, the BIGREDBUS pulled into the main area. It was the Bloodmobile, here for donations. So I went and donated for the first time in about 4 years. (I used to give platelets, but the last two times were not good experiences. Now I stick to just blood). For my 20 minutes of time today, I got some good conversation, a bottle of water and a pack of cookies, plus a free movie ticket good until Sept. 1st! Not a bad deal.

Here's my latest leg of the trip......

the biggest orange in FL!

I haven't a clue as to what this building was, but it looked interestinP1140369
two of the land animals to be seen in FL


Our first more-than-one-night camp in Myakka

This is the new area; full hookups!


We had a bun in our campsite!

He was a cute poser!

Just kickin' back!

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what a lovely place to stay and came with a built in bunny. How perfect!

I know, isn't that fun? Myakka has some lovely walks and we did see many birds and a bunch of deer as we did the paths. Being in the new area was nice because of the full hook-ups. It's drawback is that the sites are not shaded, but since the weather got somewhat cooler, that didn't matter!

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