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Christmas 2012
Yesterday, we drove to a Seminole Indian casino in Brighton, where we met Ken's brother and sister-in-law for lunch and a spot of gambling. (I brought the book I was reading and when I'd lost $10, I sat outside and read). Nobody won; big surprise!

We are enjoying Myakka, lots of nice birds here and some exercising walks. It's gotten cooler at night again so we're using the electric heater once more! But the days are fine; mid 70's; shorts weather. We'll be here for one more day. Maybe we'll take the boat ride around the lake or the tram ride through the woods. I saw two deer the other morning and some turkeys, but couldn't get any pics. The lack of sun makes for poor pics.

Here's our afternoon in Downtown Disney! I do love to walk around in the shops!
These guys traveled in the sidecar and seemed to love it! This was our camp near Disney.

Talk about Pavlov's dogs; everytime we opened the r.v. door, these guys came running and stood around the door, quacking. I think maybe other campers had fed them! :-D

The St. Augustine lighthouse

The view from the bottom, heading to the top. 256 steps!

The view from the top!

The Lighthouse keepers house from the top

A White Ibis in camp

This because it looked cute!

Same with this; I thought the color scheme was great!

                  and Minnie welcoming us to DisneyWorld

Flowers in Downtown Disney

Buzz Lightyear in the Legoland store in Disney

and of course, Woody

A Bun and his Carrot!

A Jacaranda tree (I think) in D.D.

Who could forget Mr. Potato Head!

This is my new Jiminey Cricket. It's hard to tell how beautiful he is because of the reflection of the glass, but he is!

It was seeing how the colors of the base changed as it refracted the light that sold me on him.

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The Florida Merlinos are at Disney this weekend too.

The picture of the "English Muffin" was interesting as it was a picture of a Crumpet. A muffin is something that you tear apart and then toast.

See, here we have no Crumpets. And our biscuits are served hot with butter or honey.

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