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Christmas 2012
We had a very nice visit with my one remaining cousin today; took her out to lunch and sat around afterwards talking about family and solving the problems of the U.S. :-D Today started out lovely and sunny and hot, then quickly morphed into cloudy with a little bit of rain and 20 degrees cooler. It's 62 out right now,  but comfy inside. Gives me a chance to play around with the laptop, which is decidedly a royal pain in this area of poor reception! What should take seconds takes many, many minutes and more! On Monday, we will be in the land of wonderful reception for the next 5 weeks. Hooray!!!

Here are my early days Florida pics.......P1110252
For the first time in our traveling years, I changed into shorts and sleeveless tops as soon as we crossed the state line!

I love these cows who are anti-beef eating!

Another beautiful bridge, this one over the Manatee River

The aforementioned river

One of the really nice areas of FL

We always visit the fort in St. Augustine

On one of the oldest streets in the downtown area

St. George street

Inside the Greek chapel of St Photios; very elaborate, as most Eastern churches are inside

The fort was having a demonstration of loading and firing muskets


Also of loading and firing a cannon

Some of the cannons are beautifully cast and decorated 

Tomorrow I will wrestle with the pc again and post some more of FL!

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We love your pictures, it's almost as though we are on the trip with you.

That's what I aim for! I'm so pleased that you travel with us!

In that case can you do less driving over scary bridges please! I am still getting over one I had to drive over in San Francisco - had to avoid looking over the edge and keep eyes strictly forward!

Edited at 2013-01-19 12:32 am (UTC)

The secret ia to stay in the middle lane (assuming there is one). That way, you can't see over the sides of the bridge. (Though we have never driven in S.F. Did you go over the Golden Gate? I'm envious; I would like to see CA, but my hubby will not go to the big cities.

No. We were supposed to go over the Bay Bridge but we took the wrong turn and ended up going over the San Mateo bridge.


I was in a new car which we had had for less than an hour and had never driven an automatic and kept slamming the brakes on by accident, and the western end of the bridge is horrendously steep with a very low fence. I can assure you I was doing anything to avoid looking over the edge....

I can understand the dislike of cities. I am a countryside man, unlike the girls in the family...

That's a neat bridge! There are some like that here, but not as high. Never driven an automatic? I learned to drive on one, in Manhattan, before work, with a driving instructor. I took my test with the emergency brake on, but when we finished, it still pulled up enough to fool the tester. When I got out of the car, my instructor said "You didn't release the parking brake, did you?" I passed, then went on to buy my grandfathers' Nash Rambler, a clutch car, and had to learn to drive all over again! I got to love that little car; using both hands and both feet to drive can be fun! Except stopping for a light on a hill; I used to go out of my way to avoid those streets! Trying to co-ordinate letting out the clutch and giving the engine gas while trying not to coast backward on the hill was a challenge! But that little car was fun! Cost me all of $200 book value. :-D

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