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Christmas 2012
Though we're in Florida now, I still have to show you the pics I took in Georgia. The laptop takes so much time to operate when we're away from home that i'm always days behind! Here is my Georgia!

State lines always have such nice state signs!

We finally made it to Jekyll Island! P1100219
Follow the turtles to the Turtle Center!

P1100221Spanish Moss as only the South grows it!

She's a baby Leatherback and her name is Katie!

P1100228Green glass turtles to help us find our way!

P1100229This interfaith chapel had 2 Tiffany windows inside and a sign that said "Thou shalt not take pictures in the Chapel"

Gargoyles hung from the corners.

P1100231This is the hotel, which is huge!

P1100232One of the sumptuous homes people used to live in when the rich lived on the Island.

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Thanks so much for sharing your pics with all of us! I truly enjoy them

Love, Hare

Spanish moss looks good. I assume that is a type of lichen?

It's an epiphyte, living on the tree but taking nothing from the tree; an air plant. But it's often infested with chiggers, a tiny red bug endemic to parts of the South which burrows under the skin and causes intense itching. Spanish moss, boiled, used to be used in stuffing furniture cushions many years ago and even as a wound dressing during the Civil War. It is shaped like a series of grey 3-pronged shapes linked in long chains.

I should have checked Wicki before I replied. It is a flowering plant, but its Latin name usneoides refers to its resemblance to a an Usnea lichen. Very interesting! You can keep the chiggers!

Never had occasion to come in contact with them, thank you very much!

I started spotting that plant on Django unchained at the cinema today. Amazing what you pick up from the journals.

It's like an endless encyclopedia! I heard someone say Django was very violent; what did you think? I haven't seen it; we're not near a movie theatre yet; next week we will be, for 5 weeks. I hope to see a few pics then.

Yes it is very violent, on a par with Kill Bill 1. And the slavery aspect was quite shocking

I won't see it, then. Didn't see KB1, either. I'm not a fan of violent movies, unless they're Sci-Fi. Enough real violence happens in the papers. Slavery was not one of our finest moments and is the source of many of the racial problems we have today. Was it shocking because of the inhumane aspect or the brutal aspect?

Both. There was one bit I could not watch at times. It does not sound like your sort of film at all.

No, I don't care for the spurting blood, screams, torture, dismemberment type films. I could never even watch "Saving Private Ryan" because the beginning is very graphic. Some things, once seen, never leave your head. :-(

But great performances from Christopher Waltz and Samuel L Jackson

I do like S. Jackson; don't really know the other man.

Waltz was in Tarantino's previous film - he played an SS officer and got an Oscar for best supporting actor. In this film he plays a dentist-come bounty hunter. I am going to post some of my California photos

Great! It'll be nice to see YOUR travels!

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