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Christmas 2012
This is the S.C. rest area park; the pc is driving me crazy again!

We are definitely enjoying FL; it is in the 80's today. I'm loving wearing my summer clothes in Jan, though Ken has a touch of sinus and is still not into shorts. We are in the Kissimmee/Orlando area for one night, then we move on to Makka State Park in Sarasota, where we will spend a full week. A chance to settle in! Do more laundry and get out the real dishes and knives and forks. (We use paper and plastic when we move every day). Myakka has a new area with full hookups this year; just no t.v. as it's away from it all. I will download my programs; can even do it on my new Nook, which I bought because my old one died and could not be resuscitated. It was only a year old; built-in obsolescence! :-P

The obligatory "passing over the border from N.C. to S.C". photo.
This lovely little park was in the first rest area in S.C. It featured quotes from Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Campbell and G.W.Bush.

Our S.C. camp (remember the t.v. show)?
the pig from the show (anyone remember his name)?
and another farm animal!
The Great Swamp Sanctuary nearby
Wild Sorrel
Some artist had left these creations on a bench in the swamp!
Talented, no?
I love local art!
Time to go and cook dinner; my honey took a sinus pill and is getting tired. Au revoir!

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love the pics! Glad we are in Florida. It's beautiful here. Arnold, the pig was so smart. I always wanted to be like him.

Thanks for letting me tag along. I'll let youand Ken be alone for awhile. I'm going to Gatorland!

Love Hare

Gatorland! Where is that? Be sure and take lots of pics, because, you know, each gator is individual! (I'm happy that you tag along).

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