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Christmas 2012
This park was across the street from the Airborne Museum (This pic belongs under the N.C. state seal, but it ended up here )!

We made our way through South Carolina and Georgia and now we are in FL! It's sandals and sleeveless tops and shorts weather again! 75, but not humid. We've just spent one night in each of the campgrounds so far, but tonight we're here in Saint Augustine for 2 nights. This will give me a chance to do laundry tomorrow. Ken was going to metal detect, but in the true FL tradition, they have pumped tons of new sand onto the beach, thereby burying anything that might have been there. So we will probably see the lighthouse instead. I defintely like not wearing winter clothes and slippers and having the 'lectric heater running all night!
In case you were wondering where your next **** was coming from, this sign in MD says it all!

You know you're in the South when you see the P.W. trucks!
This next place was really different.......
Like the previous wall, soil from the persons' place of birth was incorporated into his/her handprint. The columns are arranged by N.C. counties. N.C. has some very beautiful and unusual military parks.

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'Esse Quam Videri' was on my school badge on my blazer - we never did know what it meant.
Love Maria.

I am having a wonderful time o n our trip! Can we stop at Piggly Wiggly? I remmember those very well.

Love Hare

PS don't forget me at the next rest stop

We may end up in a PW one of these days, tho we seem to gravitate more to Publix when we're in FL. I would NEVER forget you!!

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