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Christmas 2012
We went through North Carolina yesterday; the weather is definitely getting warmer; I retired my winter jacket. We try to make at least one stop at a rest area or welcome center, because they have the best coffee machines, with the flavored coffees! After we reached our camp for the night, we visited the Airborne Special Operations Museum in Fayetteville. It had interactive exhibits from WWII through all the wars that the Airborne have been involved in up to the current day. After a while, it was overwhelming. We have been involved in something almost steadily since WWII. It was very interesting, though, and filled with life-sized mannequins in uniform. I kept thinking someone was standing as a guide in the areas I went through! P1080108
One of the many rivers in N.C.
Many Canadians come south to get away from their winter; the Canadian flag flies in lots of the campgrounds.

P1080161This statue is in front of the Airborne Museum

The parachute of one of the Airbornes.....
and what the soldier himself would have looked like descending.
P1080143There were a lot of reproductions of war-time posters
P1080148Soldier mock-ups were everywhere, in all the diffferent uniforms over the years.
I had never seen this before; used by the soldiers in Viet Nam.
And for a touch of humor, "Have lighthouse, will travel"
Saw this traveling, one man church van in one of the rest stops. Having read all the signs on the car, I would not suggest joining that particular church.

That's all for today; it's getting late and I need to read!

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very interesting about the barefoot boots. Love the pics. Did you get a pic of that old guy waving at me when I cam e out of Piggly Wiggly?

Love Hare

Never knew those boots existed either. (I think I do see you in the PW pic; it's a little blurry).....

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