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(no subject)
Christmas 2012
Yesterday and today we traveled thru New Jersey to Delaware to Maryland and now we are in Virginia! The doorstep on the r.v. which would not retract got fixed before we left. The morning we left, my Nook died; now I can niether turn it on or shut it off! Good thing I have some old-fashioned paper books with me! Then, last night, the water in the faucets ran pink, the result of residual anti-freeze in the system; then it ran black, from (I suppose) charcoal in the camp's water filter. It made me think of the early 50's, when charcoal colored suits with pink shirts were the newest thing in men's wear! So we used bottled water for brushing our teeth and heated water in a cup in the microwave and used paper towels to wash with! Camping at it's best! Today, all seems to be sorted out. On the plus side, last nights camp had cable t.v. so I got to watch the return of 2 of my favorite shows; "Once Upon A Time" and "Downton Abbey". When we get to FL, I can buy a new Nook. (I doubt if they are the fixable type of thing). Here's my travel pics for the last 2 days.........

A Jersey waterway
A farm near the camp
The lake and island in the camp
The Delaware River
Patapsco River
Francis Scott Key Bridge
The geometry of bridges is so pleasing!
An old sunken boat in the Patapsco.

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This sounds like my sort of camping - only I don't have leccy (I wildcamp and don't use sites). I normally wash using water from the previous night's hot water bottle which is slightly lukewarm, otherwise it's cold water (unless the tap has frozen!).

Yah, not our usual camping, but it worked. Hooray for the microwave! But when we camp at Montauk, that's strictly dry camping; no hookups. Still, we can heat our water! :-D

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