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Today, our last day in Vegas, we drove to Lake Mead and took the scenic drive around the Nevada part of the lake. Lake Mead is bordered by Nevada and Arizona. It was pretty hot today also, but the weather man says a storm front is coming thru tomorrow and the temps will drop. We will be heading north, to Utah, so we may even find ourselves back in winter clothing. We'll make one more visit to Sam's Town casino tonight. Last night, I won $108 on a Star Wars slot machine! Here's scenic Lake Mead......a lake cruise paddlewheelerKen by one of the marinas; most are closed because of low water volumeislands in the lakethe water is lots of shades of bluepeople fishing and wading a small mud beach on the lakeflower of the beavertail cactusthe wnole cactusthe desert nettlea desert lizarda small river we hiked to, with a dam.nice rock formations around the lakesagebrush flowersblooming sagebrushthe rocks are all different shadesCallville Bay; there is an old town under the water the white strip shows how much the water has gone down since 2000; millions of cubic feet.tamirisk treetamarisk bloomsthis crept in again without my noticing!in 1972 a 30' wall of water came thru hereWhoops! My hubby is talking to me and I'm losing track of my pics!

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Water! Thats more like it.

Bruno xx

And, you can swim in it, fish in it, boat on it and best of all, drink it!

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