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(no subject)
Christmas 2012
PA204957PA234993PA245002PB015268PB155406PB255430PB255434PB255446PB255449PB295494PC015506PC015508PC015511PC015512PB095389PB155399We are going to get snow, possibly, tomorrow, so here's my last end-of-year, snow-free pictures of my lovely birds. They are surely going to miss my feeders while we're gone!

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Nice pics but what. Species are they apart from house sparrow?

From the top:Tufted Titmouse, Red-Bellied Woodpecker, Song Sparrow (I believe), Titmouse again, Blue Jay,Black-Capped Chickadee,Downy Woodpecker (male then female),Nuthatch,Chickadee again, Red-Bellied again,Nuthatch again, female Downy in tree, female Cardinal and male Cardinal. I briefly saw a Junco during the Nov. snow, but I couldn't get a pic. Do any of these birds come to your side of the Pond?

Not those species but there are a number of related species. So we have a nuthatch, though it looks different and our tits are related to your chickadee (love that name). Woodpeckers too, but the cardinal and tufted titmouse do not have similar species.

The chickadees make that sound (chick-dee-dee-dee) hence the name. It's fascinating to see how different all the birds are from country to country.

I do enjoy them. I hope to see some new ones when we're gone!

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