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PC090010PC090015Christmas! Christmas! When the days grow short and everything is rushed and seems to happen at once! Visiting friends and relatives, lunches and dinners, parties and get-togethers! All of it fun and all of it exhausting! In the middle of the rush, Ken, Louis and I decorated our tree last weekend. (I took this pic just before the lights around the middle of the tree burned out). I for see a new tree for next year!

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your christmas tree is very beautiful and it is well stocked, it takes a lot of time to hang decorations. Dad has carried our tree this afternoon and tomorrow we will do the decorations.


I actually love to decorate our tree. There are several ornaments made by our sons and by our grandson over the years, and they get put in a prominant place on the tree. For many years, I decorated it with Santas I had cut from Christmas cards we received. I did it for 30 years! Then a few years ago, I kept the oldest and the newest and let all the rest go. One of the ornaments hung on our tree when I was a child and also on my father's tree when he was a child! I'm glad that you like it. You must post a picture of yours when you're done!

it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... HUGS!

All we need is a dusting of snow on Christmas Day! Have a lovely Holiday! HUGS!

I hope you won't mind but rather than buying lots of cards this year I have decided to make a donation to the RSPB's appeal to help birds of prey. 10 years ago when I started helping to monitor wintering hen harrier (same as your northern harrier, I think) numbers in our area we used to get 17 birds going in to roost in the reed beds they use. Numbers have since dwindled down to just 2. This bird is heavily persecuted in England so I have decided that this action needs my support.


Have a happy Christmas.

Not at all! No one really saves cards, anyhow. They are part of the holiday decorations and then they are gone. I'm glad you're helping out the birds; birds are a lovely passion of mine. Over here, I help out the bunnies, in memory of Sue. Happy Christmas!

Just watched the video. I don't get to see too many hawks; the main one always around in the East Coast in the Red-Shouldered. The Harrier is really lovely; never seen the male like that. How were those films made, from blinds? The moors look so open it seems as though it would be hard to film anyone surreptiously.

The males are superb. They only winter at this end of the UK so I have never seen them displaying, however I saw a related bird, the Montagu's harrier performing like that in a large open field in Spain. You could stand fairly close by and get good views. Don't know if hen harrier are less obliging, in which case you could use a hide.

I always love you photos! Thanks for sharing with all of us!

Hugs, Hare

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