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(no subject)
Christmas is barreling down the days and there's no extra time it seems. Everything becomes concentrated into a few short weeks. Here we are back in Sept, taking it easy in Montauk, with our Montauk friends. I'm missing the leisure! P9204738

Jim and Don playing Horseballs.P9204739
                                                          Jill and Chris supervising.P9204740

Don and Ken awaiting their turn to play.P9204741

                                                                    Everybody brings a dish of something to eat!P9204742

And eat we did!  We've already made our reservations for next Sept; all of the parks are getting so competitive to get into!

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Those blue skies seem like a distant memory now as we endure dense freezing fog!

Thanks for your Christmas card which arrived in this afternoon's 'morning' post. I notice you posted it a while ago so I'm not sure what route it's taken to get here!!

We still have some blue skies, but the air under them is a good bit colder now! The sun does peek through at intervals. I'm glad you got my card; the post may be slow but it eventually does get there!

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