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Today is very hot and sunny, almost 90*. We made it a total tourist day, driving down to the Strip and walking around looking at the sights on the Strip; taking the monorail tram between the casinos. Tomorrow is our last day in Vegas and we hope to see Lake Mead. We're leaving Tuesday morning, just before the rain and colder weather comes in on Wednesday. The Stratosphere, the tallest structure in Vegas.on this top is a roller coaster, a parachute type drop which goes up and down the center spire and a ride which dangles one on a track 40'  out over the edge of the round top.the M&M buildingmock-up of Brooklyn Bridge in NY,NYNY tugboat giving a water cannon saluteExcalibar casinoLike the old Madison Square Garden decorationsthe MGM lionAll of NYNY casino complexa   neat optical illusion; it is a step-sided buildinga pharaoh and ram at the Luxorthe Luxor needlerams and pharaohs with Luxor in backSphinx with Luxor in backgriffin at Mandalay BayM. Bay fountainwave pool and beach in M. BayLady Liberty made out of jellybeans! Only in Vegas!one of the fish tanks in Rainforest Cafe in MGManother oneone of the lions on view in the MGM. (They really live most of the time on a farm outside L.V.another.roller coaster that goes around outside of NYNY

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Corr! I want to visit ....... giant bottle of coke, humungous bag of M&Ms and a Liberty lady made of jelly beans. Thats my bunny heaven!

Bruno (I may have a bit of a sweet tooth for a bun and am totally deprived of any refined sugar!)

Between the snacking and the buffets in the casinos, if we stayed here too long, we'd be like inflatable balls! (I love M&M's; all the special colors; and jelly bellys)!

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