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(no subject)
We all did have a very nice Thanksgiving. Lots of good food, great people and interesting conversation. I ate enough, but not too much. We had homemade pumpkin pie and store-bought birthday cake for dessert. Another lovely holiday gone by. Now it's time for everyone to get in gear for Christmas!
Andy and Louis

Dan and the guest of honor

The Gosman ladies, Mary, Mary, Patty and our granddogs, Roscoe and Molly

Kevin and Brian with their joint birthday cake

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Roscoe and Molly are very cute.
here we already listen Christmas music for a few days, soon it will smell spices in the burrow.


I've got my radio tuned to the "all Christmas music all the day" station also. I will bring out my Christmas movie dvds when it's closer to the big day. (A Christmas Story; The Nativity Story; Miracle on 34th Street; A Christmas Carol (the Alastair Sim version); It's A Wonderful Life; The Bishop's Wife (the Cary Grant version). I love to watch them every year! I'm baking brownies for part of the Christmas dessert, but not until 2 days before. I'll bet your burrow smells wonderful!

wonderful photos! Makes me smile!


If it made you smile, every shutter click was worth it! P.S., that was Louis in the background of Andy's pic, with his sunglasses on. 14 is tres cool.

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