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(no subject)
We'll be off to Atlantic City tomorrow, to the casinos,which are still standing in New Jersey. Won't be back until Tues night. Ken needs some diversion, after having his small operation a few weeks ago.

Here's some pretty sky-scapes I've seen recently.....P8254447
Seen from a sailboat trip we took in Sept.

Just a beautiful day.....P9094635
An evening sky out in Montauk....P9194726

Sundown,with those pearly clouds......P9194734

The early moon.

I'll be back on Tues/Wed. Have a good weekend, everyone!              

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Have a wonderful time.

LOve, Hare

We did have fun! I only lost $31; I'm a careful gambler these days. Walked through the shops on Ceaser's Pier and ate 2 good meals there. It was decorated for Christmas, so it was very pretty. Cloudy days; but we walked inside. Nice room; comfy beds. A nice getaway.

:) Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

may be your clouds would be passed over our burrow?
they are very beautiful .


We truly see some lovely skies this time of the year. I'll bet you've got some gorgeous ones also!

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