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We are the most fortunate of the fortunate! Not only did we not lose power during Hurricane Sandy or the harst nor'easter, did not suffer any damage to our property, we did not have to wait on any gas line! We had pre-payed tickets to a play last night (Neil Simon's "The Dinner Party"; excellent)! and on the way home we passed a nearby gas station that was open and had no line at all. Filled up my car and Ken will fill his up on Sunday or Tuesday, if gas rationing is still in effect. Many sattions are open now and the odd/even rule cut the lines in half. We went through the same thing in '73, during the Arab oil embargo. Lines were really long then, in spite of the odd/even rule. Once I actually ran out of gas while waiting on line, right at the station entrance. Nice guys pushed my car in for me! I don't know why we are so lucky, but i try to pay it forward. Here's hoping this is the last of the storms for a long while!