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Well, we got about 3" of snow, preceded by sleet and rain yesterday. Got Ken to the doctors with no problem and picked up his prescriptions just as the weather turned nasty; sleet covered the windows in the short time I was inside the pharmacy. Plenty of food to eat and wood to burn, still not going anywhere because of not so much gas! After this weekend, when what we have in the cars will be mostly gone, we'll find ourselves on a gas line, unless things are all better by then. I put out the  last of my birdseed this morning and the birds have flocked around. I think I'm the only game in town. Tried to get a pic of the Junce, whom I rarely see, but only got a blurry one. He's not a communal bird, and I didn't see him return.

Our November snow, very unusual for us!


There were several Cardinals at my feeders today, males, females and young.





BlueJays have the most wonderful plumage!


Hopefully, I'll get some gas after the weekend. Well, I will one way or the other, even if it means waiting on a long line. It will be nice to resume normal life again!

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Looks great - I'm so envious!

It is really pretty, so long as one doesn't have to go out to work in it. Do you not get snow? This is much too early for us; Oct last year and Nov this year; what's happening? But it does bring the birds around, as I'm the only person for quite a space who feeds them.

wonderful pics!

We have a space now for a bird feeder. I hope some doves and cardinals will find us

If you feed them, they will come. Especially in the winter. All the birds seem to like the mixed seed, small stuff and sunflower seeds together. The birds on the feeders knock a lot on the ground while picking out the bits they like best; the ground feeders are very appreciative of that. :-D

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