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(no subject)
Staying home has it's benefits; I'm getting lots more time to observe the birds in the yard. The last few day I had a flock of Goldfinches in their rather drab Winter plumage; many Grackles in their iridescent feathers and a flock of Red-Winged Blackbirds, which I almost never see any more around here. Plus, I think there was a Brown-headed Cowbird among the lot. The pic is not very good, so I couldn't be sure.

I think this is the Cowbird; he was a good deal smaller than the Grackles and he didn't have their coloring. Although this pic doesn't show it, his body was greenish-blue and his head was a dark blue; plus he lacks the yellow eye of the Grackles.

One of the male Redwings with the  ?Cowbird ?

 The Grackles with several female Redwings and a young male Redwing, with the orange epaulets but not the black body.

They are all so happy to have food, they gladly share.


Two young male Redwings and some females.

Got out to vote today and also to buy a little more food in case the coming nor'easter is detrimental to our electricity. The Island is still in very bad shape in many areas. Only saw one gas station open and there were about 50 cars on line, waiting. We are being as conservative as we can; put the gas from the lawn mower in my tank. We each have about 1/2 a tank; hopefully, most stations will be operational by the weekend. Still, not a patch compared to what hundreds of thousands are going through.

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What fantastic birds those grackles are!

Aren't they gorgeous? When they move through the light, they just refract it into beautiful blues and greens. The Redwings are also very pretty; those red feathers bristle up into epaulets when they are courting; they give out that buzzy trill and their red shoulders fly up.

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