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Gas is still in very short supply here on the Island, so we are being homebodies until the tankers get through and the power returns. I've got a lot of birds migrating through right now; here's some of them.....PA204957

The Tufted Titmouse!




The Strawberry/Raspberry Finch


The Goldfinch in his winter plumage


What they lack in yellow plumage they make up for with their lovely backs!

We also have a plethora of spiders at this time of year, hoping to get some last meals in before Winter....P9304775

This one took up attack position between the edge of the porch and the side of the house!


This one I didn't see, but his web caught the sunlight and made itself beautiful!

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Here, the cold will soon invite herself ,the birds come near the windows of the house and looking for food's. 2foots will soon start distributing some seed .
do you feed the birds all year round?


I do, I love to watch them and see the occasional odd bird or just the standard pretty ones. I get some nice photos now and then. It's getting colder here now also. Into the 40's/30's at night. Soon we'll have frost.

I now have a place for a bird feeder. Love seeing all the varities you have there.


I'll bet you get varieties I don't. Maybe you could take a few pics and put them online? (I don't know if your eyes permit this). Birds are so beautiful to watch. I have run out of birdseed at the moment and due to the gas situation, I'm only driving when necessary. If fact, since tomorrow is supposed to be a nice day, Ken and I are walking to our polling place to vote!

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