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(no subject)
Just a few pics that represent what has happened to the Island. We are so fortunate; no damage and no power loss. Our son and his wife have power back, as does one of our cousins. Some of my friends are still without, but everyone is ok. None of the gas stations have power and/or gas right now, so I'm not going anywhere until the stations are operational again. When I look at the myriad of pics in the paper and on t.v. and online, I marvel that we were so lucky! PA315239




How do you begin to rebuild and recover from this? Many will be without power for some days/weeks yet. We are SO lucky!

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we are very glad you had the luck .
we looked at the images in the "picture box", it is very sad for those who have lost everything.
we think of you all.


I can't imagine how one would begin to come back from losing your house and all your posessions. There are still many people living in shelters formed by the schools in the area. And so close to the holidays, too! Now a few stations have gas, but the lines snake around the block and represent many hours of waiting. I'm not driving much, hoping that power and gas are restored next week.

I'm just so thankful you all are okay

Thank you. I am also. I can't believe how our luck always holds through these storms.

Very glad you were safe, Auntie...

Thank you, Furrymob (and all the buns there). I was able to shop for more food today. Some the food atores that lost power had to throw out all of their refrigerated and frozen foods. Such a waste! But it can't be helped. Can't sell stuff that hasn't been kept properly.

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