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(no subject)
P9084564We've got the flashlights at the ready, the wind-up radio on the counter, the extra food in the freezer (thank goodness for gas stoves) and I've brought in all the card games from the r.v. We'll be keeping Louis until the hurricane passes, as the schools are closed. All low-lying areas in N.Y.C. and N.J. are being evacuated and we are ready for Sandy. Put all my outdoor garden and Halloween decorations away, except for the pumpkin, which has gotten mildewed already. The storm should be here around Mon/Tues. Good luck to all! (Halloween may be postponed this year)!

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we keep cross paws for you all.
stay safe.

Emy-Rose and Finley

Thank you, Emy-Rose. Just a lot of wind so far. The main part of the storm will be here tomorrow and Tuesday. We haven't had a hurricane pass right over since Gloria in 1986. We should be fine; we're all prepared. Hugs to you and your new brother!

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