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Tuesday was a beautiful Indian Summer day. We drove up to Poughkeepsie and walked across the Hudson River Walkway, along with dozens of others out enjoying the day. It was a lot of fun and now we've walked on yet another linear park! The Fall foliage on the drive up was lovely; so were the hills surrounding the Hudson. PA174919







The MId-Hudson Bridge, dedicated to FDR.




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I was pleased we managed to see a bald eagle on our trip to california - charismatic species you have to see on a visit to the states. Also spotted a peregrine too.

I've been lucky enough to see several eagles over the years. Saw baby Perigrines in their cliff nest once, out west, with the help of a birdwatcher and his telescope. Saw the condors in the Grand Canyon!

We saw our condors along the Big Sur south of Monterey. Several came over low in the fog, and while we were waiting a peregrine flew the other way along the coast. Later we found out that the condors had been feeding for weeks on the carcass of a dead whale.

The bald eagle was over a reservoir between San Francisco and Yosemite - really distinctive!

We see the eagles mostly in this one park in FL, Myakka River, near Sarasota. Also in Long Point which is near Fort Pierce. We have seen them aerial fight with Ospreys for a fish; they love to steal fish from others if they can, bringing to mind Ben Franklin's words: "the eagle is a cowardly bird". Once in Myakka, we witnessed an Osprey dive-bombing an eagle; he would not let the eagle fly to his nest and the eagle was reduced to climbing the tree branch by branch! Saw some eagles feeding their young some years ago in another part of FL and saw a nice one sitting on its nest last year in Fort Pierce. Saw the condors about 10 years ago. A young one perched on a ledge just off the road in the Grand Canyon and sat there for some time until a ranger came and shooed it. They don't want them to become familiar with people. They flew above and below us on the trails. So huge! Saw a Caracara a few years ago near Myakka also. I've seen so many gorgeous birds as we've traveled; ones I would never see here.

Your description reminded me of video 11 on this link.


The white tailed sea eagle is our equivalent of your bald eagle, and the buzzard is our equivalent of your red-tailed hawk. Seeing a baldy reminded me that I still have not seen a sea eagle. Must rectify this some time!

Very nice birds. I love to see the smaller birds standing up for themselves. In Spring, I often see the sparrows and starlings chasing the grackles away from their nests, following them through the air until they fly away.

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