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PA134806PA134808PA144816PA144819PA144821PA144824We had a busy weekend and a fun one. Picked up Louis on Fri for his every-other-weekend stay. Great to see him, as always. On Sat, Ken and I went to the annual fund raiser for a friends' daughters' school. It's held at Belmont Racetrack, in a private room, with a very nice buffet laid on. (Desserts are really good)! We generally bet on each of the 10 races that are held. This time, Louis told me that I should bet on every horse who's name started with a P, because P's are cool, being backward 9's. So I did. One horse was scratched, one lost and the second one brought me a winning of $47.50! I had told Louis I would split the winnings with him if one of his horses won. He was thrilled that his system actually worked. (He stayed at home and watched shows I had dvr'd for him. He's too young for the racetrack).

Then on Sat evening, he baked Spider cookies and we all ate some. Sunday, he carved a very good pumpkin face; we put a pumpkin scented candle in it and it looked fine on our stoop. Now we're all ready for Halloween!