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Today we...........gambled. We went to the casino next door, Sam's Town and gambled for an hour. Then we went to Terrible's casino, a few miles away, for the 2 for 1 buffet and......gambled for an hour. I won a ticket for another 2 for 1 buffet, so we may go back another day. Then we went to Old Vegas, where the original casinos are and.......gambled for an hour at Binions. (By the way, I try to get a players card for every casino I've ever visited all around the U.S. I have 41 cards)! After Binions, we drove to the Venetian, on the Strip, to take the gondola ride. It was fun; the whole area the gondola goes through is made to look like various parts of Venice, bridges and all that you ride under. (It's really a lot of expensive shops and restaurants). We had our picture taken in our gondola. Then we went back to the r.v. to eat dinner and relax a while, after which, we went to Sam's Town and ......gambled. It's a good thing we are only here for 11 days! But tonight, I was lucky and won $68! And, our fridge now has a nice new reefer board, so it's working well. Here's my one pic of today....


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