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(no subject)
P9234755Sue's Beauty Bush is thriving on our front lawn, the berries just the shade of purple which was her favorite color. Most of them have fallen off/been eaten now. Maybe I'll get lots of little Beauty Bushes in the Spring!

Lovely, is it not?

Went to the casino at Aqueduct today with 2 friends; lost $36 dollars but had a good buffet lunch. :-D

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Fantastic. Is it native to the US?

I believe so; more prolific in the South. I've seen it growing wild in some of the parks we go to, but it's much more scraggly. I think this must be nursery-bred for gardens. Before the berries/seeds, there are small light purple flowers.

Not sure where it is native but we and plenty of people we know grow it.

It's a great shrub although UK birds don't touch the berries.

Auntie DCK we love it!

I've seen it growing wild in FL, but it's scraggly. I've never really seen another one around here. Sue bought it especially because she loved purple!

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