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(no subject)
Just saw " Hotel Transylvania" with our grandson. It was funny and the theatre was mobbed! Never seen such long lines for a movie. I took out a small loan so we could afford the tickets and the snacks!

I was cleaning all the vines and growth off one of our fences the other day and as a result, I now have poison ivy again. I get it at least once a year, but localized, not catastropic, as it was some 20 years ago. No matter how much I look for those leaves of 3, I always seem to touch them somewhere, somehow! Bah!!!

We are finally going to get to walk the Highline Park in Manhattan next Sunday or Monday. I'll try to take my camera along.

Saw a play last night with friends and it was very funny and very well done. Only 6 in the cast and the theatre, which is on a college campus, only seats about 80, tops. Very intimate; we were in the front row. Going there next month for another production.

More Montauk pics........

Ken on the cliffs

Every year there's more erosion

There's always a bunch of surfers waiting for the waves

Someone created this heart in front of one of the old sealed up bunkers from WWIIP9094625
This appeared to be the last resting place of someone's beloved dog, complete with bed and bone

Our lighthouse, looking nice against the Fall sky

It's just recently become a Landmark. Since it was built, over 300 feet of land has washed away into the sea from the front of the building.

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Gosh, those cliffs seem to be nearly all soil. no wonder they are washing away.

They are just dirt; someday the lighthouse may have to be moved. But huge rocks have been placed all around the front of it, making a walkway all around the lighthouse and grasses have been planted in staggered beds up the slope to help stabilize the ground. The paths on the tops of the cliffs are severely undercut in some cases and there are signs warning people not to approach too closely. The rain has even cut large gashes in the paths, so that in a few years, they may be unwalkable. Large boulders stick out of the cliffs, waiting to be released. Mother Nature rules supreme!

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