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P9164717Today is our Anniversary! 44 years! Going out to dinner and a play at one of the local playhouses with Ken's cousin and his wife. Rainy day, but that's okay.

While we were in HIther Hills, we won one of the prizes at the annual Montauk Firemans Big Bucks Bonanza. They serve a lot of food, not all of it good, at $100 for 2 people. This was our 2nd year going and I was so shocked when we won something! It will bring us back next year!

Some of the campground sights......

There are all kinds of campers, from those with fifth wheels.....P9144675
to pop-ups....P9144676

                       to r.v.'s like ours.......

to tents. (That looks like a happy fisherman, doesn't it)?


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