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Yesterday, I used my giant bubble wand (given to me by my son, Dan, ages ago) to blow giant bubbles in the yard! I do this at least once a year; I love the fantastic floating shapes! For indoors, I blow bubbles with Queen Victoria's Bubble Wand, given to me ages ago by Sue and Andy! One can never have too many bubbles in their life!

Here's some roadside sights on the Expressway:
These two were gateposts for someones home.

One of the many farmstands open at this time of the year.

A bit of Island history.

This cemetary in the Hamptons lies next to a pond with ducks and swans. It was used in the movie "Death Trap"

The refurbished windmill in the Hamptons, one of several still existing on the Island.

Popeye at another farm stand, spinach can and all!