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Before we drive off to Montauk Point again, where there is no electricity and no running water, which makes my on-line time chancy, let me post a few pics of my birds who are still enjoying my feeders. Before long, they'll all be moved on to more Southern climates again! Okay; whatever is going on in LiveJournal's head, these are all the pics it will allow me to post right now! Maybe tomorrow, it will allow me to do more! :-P

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What are they? Blue jay? Some sort of dove - mourning? Our garden is very quiet bird wise - waiting for them to move in with the cold weather.

Yes, those are Blue Jays and Mourning Doves. Are there not BJ's in the UK? The Blue Jays always let you know when rain is coming by their calling and they also call to let you know when the rain is done. Most of our birds stay for the winter; the Cardinals and Jays don't migrate, nor do the Sparrows. Sometimes Juncos will come in the winter. I think the Woodpeckers stay also. We have about 3 varities here, the Northern Flicker, the Downy and the RedBellied. Once, I saw a Spotted Thrush in the yard, years ago and once an Indigo Bunting, but it had died. Saw a male Goldfinch eating the seeds on my Cone Flowers last week, but didn't have my camera handy. We used to have Red-Winged Blackbirds (the first bird to return in the Spring, even before the Robin) but they don't come here anymore. Years ago, we had Baltimore Orioles, but they also left. I almost raised a neworn B.O. once, but due to ignorance on my part, it died. It had gone from being naked to almost fully fledged. Raised tiny baby rabbits once, also. Isn't nature fun? :-D

No we only have one jay in the UK and it looks very different. http://www.digital-nature-photography.com/nature/voegel/jay-photos.php Rather shy and seldom seen near our garden

I only saw one mourning down, briefly as we drove underneath it, so missed the detail on your pictures. saw lots of northern flickers in Yosemite.

Our winters tend to be mild and wet so we get many of the birds that come in off the continent in the winter.

That is quite a difference; most of the dramatic blue is not there. Our Jays are definitely not shy; they are very raucous and will chase other birds and even squirrels away. There are quite a few types of Doves in the U.S.; the Mourning Dove is the one in our area, but types vary around the country. It's fascinating to see the variety of birds from country to country. I really love it when you send me the pics.

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