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(no subject)
When Ken and I took Louis to play miniature golf, there were these perfect little houses built all along the fairway! They made me widh I could live there! Look.......P8194343

P8194346P8194347P8194347P8194357P8194358P8194359P8194360P8194361Oops! One pic snuck in there twice! Don't they make you think of wonderful dollhouses? :-D

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Makes me wish I could make myself small like Sniffles the Mouse. (Remember that; "Puff, puff, piffles, make me just as small as Sniffles") and take up residence in one of them! :-D

I like those houses and my late-sister would have loved them!

I think they would be just your size; your 2-foots could leave your meals at the door!

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