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It's been busy ever since last weekend. After my nephew and his family left, we took our tri-annual defensive driving course at the library (a 6-hour course). Everyone seemed to make it through alright except for one man who came back late from our first bresk. He was warned not to be late again or he would not be allowed to finish the course. He came back late from lunch break, with the excuse that he had been waiting for a pizza! The instructor told him to take his study booklet and come back next month! You must always listen to your teacher!

We've had Louis with us since Wed; he's staying through next Wed. Probably this will be his last visit for a while, as school starts again on Sept. 4th. Tomorrow, we're having a birthday bbq for Ken, whose b-day was Thurs. Just like last week, thunderstorms are predicted, so I'll be prepared to eat inside again.

Of late, I've been doing a lot of reading, staying up past my bedtime to do it. I finished the entire current series of the Longmire books by Craig Johnson. The really good t.v. show got me interested in the books and the rest is history!

Tomorrow morning, I have to be online at 9 a.m. so I can register for the library programs I want to participate in in Sept. They are all free, but most of them have a participant limit, first come, first served. So I'll be ready at the keyboard at 8:45. So will the rest of Brentwood, so it pays to be fast on the keys.

I still see my yard bun around quite a bit; sometimes in the front, sometimes in the back. Yesterday, he was running and hopping all over the back yard! P7214175
                                 Here he is coming through the fence from the front to the back.

When I visited my neighbor in the hospital the other day, a nurse came in, looked at my earrings and said: "Are those little bunnies riding in carrot cars"? Then I told her how I had inherited 12 pairs of bunny earrings from Sue and how I wore a pair each day in honor of her. She thought that was very sweet. One of the salesladies in Staples always loves to see them also. :-D

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Una would have liked those earrings.

(I've never worn any myself....)

I get quite a few complements when I wear them. I can see why you don't wear earrings, but have you considered a tiny nose ring?

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