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Greg, my nephewEmily playing badmintonDaniel, age 4, playing badmintonSarah, age 13, with her American Girl doll and her knitting bookGreat-aunt Nancy and Great-uncle Ken with Sarah's b'day cakeDanielPuppy!Both puppies!Daniel and Mommy KristenLeaning on the Fire Island Light for a unique perspectiveThe LIghthouse!On the walkway to the Light.Uncle Ken reading with DanielVisiting Aunt Sue's tree.Louis, Dan, Patty over for the family get-together. The cousins hadn't seen each other in 11 years.The second cousins had never seen each other.Kevin, Louis' dad..Andy, of course!Daniel C. holding Daniel B.Reading all about Lightning McQueen with Uncle KenEmily, age 11We had a great 3 day visit with my nephew, his wife and their 3 kids. They were up visiting from MD; spent a day in Manhattan, then came to see us. The r.v. served as our guest bedrooms and was pronounced very comfy by all. We went to Fire Island and saw the lighthouse, but couldn't go in the water, as a strong storm was coming and the lifeguards had closed the beach. Got the brunt of the storm on Fri; monsoon-like rain that was blown up into the air by the fierce winds. It poured like that for about an hour. A tornado touched down in a town near us and took down a lot of trees and power lines, but luckily  we had no damage. Here's my half of our family! Just scroll over the pics to see who's who.

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Some very happy, hoppy family photos. Auntie Sue's tree is growing well and looks strong, which is nice to see.

We did have a wonderful visit with everybody. The kids are SO nice! And Kristen, the Mom, was the one who wanted to see Sue's tree. She'd heard about it and seen pics and she just had to see it in person! I loved it!

we imagine that you have gone very good time full of joy and laughter.
what a beautiful family.
joy and happiness for them ! and for you !


Thank you! We all had a lovely time!

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