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(no subject)
Even though it poured down rain twice on our Saturday birthday bbq for Andy and Louis, we managed to get the grilling done before the rains came and then we ate indoors.

Before dinner, pre-rain, everyone was able to go out in the yard and have some fun.

Andy getting some presents......P7284192
                                                     and Louis getting some presents.

A birhday Ladder Ball match.
Lulu, the big mush of a Pit Bull from next door, wishing she could join in on the fun.

Brian and Andy watching the next duo of players.

Two birthday people, one of them a decided ham, and their cake. Since one of them is 14 and the other is 43 and I had the right candles.........

Patty, Andy and Ken waiting for cake.
Louis, Brian and Kevin, also anticipating some Italian Cookie Cake. Yummy!

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Wonderful Familt photos! Thanks for sharing

Love, Hare

I'm exceedingly proud of my guys (and gals)!

a good cake in the middle of the table and smiles around :-)


That's what life is all about!

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