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(no subject)
I sat up late last night, till midnight, to watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. It was well worth losing sleep for; very impressive. I loved the bit with Queen Elizabeth and Daniel Craig!

P.S. It's raining again, for our birthday bbq! :-P

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It can't have been showing live then as it finished at about 1am here and you are (I think) 6 hours behind us.

No, wasn't live, but evening is the best time for me to watch anyway. I seldom watch t.v. in the daytime.

I understand that one segment of the production was omitted; the part about the 2005 terrorism. NBC did talk about it, but why did they cut the song? I suppose it was everyone being scared and p.c.
No one ever wants to offend anyone anymore and some of the nations responsible for a lot of killing were represented. NBC did comment on the repression and killings going on in some of the MIdEast countries.

We have become such a litigious society, backbones are sometimes hard to find today.

we stayed until 2 am (we have 1 hour more than Engerland) to watch the ceremony live, we loved the part with "Queen & 007", and with aussi "Mr-Bean".But we think it lacked Bunny-Tunes.


You are right, they could have used a good Bunny Tune, maybe Rabbit Skywalk as the Queen and 007 parachuted from the helicopter!

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