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(no subject)
It's another hot, humid and potentially rainy day here on Long Island. Our poor air conditioner hardly gets a chance to cool off, nor do the fans.

I've been spending a lot of time ordering books from the library again and now I have to read very fast, as I've currently got 4 out which are due on the same day! I do love to read!

I did that "how many of these books have you read" test on Facebook and was pleased to see that I'd read 38 of the 100 listed. Some of them have been re-re-re-read also.

My little yard bunny was on the neighbors lawn out front this morning; I just hope if he's ready to move on in search of his grown-up life that he's careful. It's a rough world out there for small animals, what with loose dogs and cats and fast cars. The other night, as we were driving to pick up our grandson, we made a turn onto the Parkway and right at the edge, sitting in the grass, was a bunny! Sure hope he didn't attempt to cross the road!

Here's some more of my bunny's pics......P7214169
In our side yard, sampling the different grass.P7214165
Having a happy binkie!P7214172
A sudden turn to the left......P7214173
then a turn to the right.......P7214159
Thinking about coming back into the yard......P7214175
and coming back through the barrier.P7224178
Here he is out on our front walk!

I'm keeping an eye out for him; I know, though, that sooner or later, like all children, he will strike out on an adventure of his own. I'll miss him! Hopefully, next year, there will be a new crop of buns in our back yard!

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What a beautiful little bunny!
Binky safely, sweetie.
Love Friska and Maria.

Yes, I hope he will be safe out there in the world!

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